At Andra Tech Group, we are dedicated to creating meaningful mechanical solutions. We supply crucial components and modules that empower our customers to gain a competitive advantage. Often found at the core of our customers' systems, these mechanics enabe them to elevate their technology to new heights. At Andra Tech Group, we prioritize both the feasibility of production and the meticulous handling of the manufacturing process, logistics, quality assurance, and timely delivery of these components and modules.


People. Make. Technology.


At Andra Tech Group we place people at the heart of our endeavors. This includes our committed employees who confront daily technological challenges to ensure our customers receive efficiently and reliably produced mechanical solutions. Moreover, our client relationships are also rooted in a human-centric approach. We take pride in nurturing enduring (personal) connections, allowing us to modestly share in our clients' successes.


The companies under the Andra Tech Group umbrella are all actively engaged in the manufacturing industry. We take pride in manufacturing tangible products that can be held, measured, packaged, and seamlessly integrated into our clients' systems. Our aim is to make a discernible impact through our craftsmanship.


At Andra Tech Group, we are deeply involved in technology. Our components and modules find application in cutting-edge equipment across diverse industries, including the semiconductor industry, aviation, medical devices and food processing. We not only work with technology but also leverage it to our advantage. We utilize advanced CAM software with a range of optimization capabilities, operate precision machinery, maintain state-of-the-art cleanrooms equipped with the latest measurement and qualification tools, use modern ERP systems, and employ leading logistical solutions.

At Andra Tech Group, we firmly believe that individuals who passionately contribute to the creation of technology-driven components and modules receive recognition and respect from clients, loved ones, and society at large. Our goal is to make a significant and enduring contribution to enhancing prosperity and well-being.


700 people, 11 manufacturing facilities, and over 100 years of manufacturing experience


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