Competence Centers

Andra Tech Group's Competence Centres bring developments in technology in the manufacturing industry into practise. A Competence Centre is a group of specialists within a company that researches and develops the usefulness of a new technology. A new technology quickly becomes deployable for real-life applications by combining the group's client demand for, expertise of, and investment in such a technology.

Currently, there are 2 Competence Centres operating within Andra Tech Group: 3D Metal Printing and Cleaning & Qualification.

3D metal printing (Wilting)

When designing/engineering items, 3D Metal printing allows for greater form freedom and weight savings. As a result, this technology is particularly well-suited for use in the fabrication of parts for (clean) high-tech systems, aerospace, and the food processing industries. Andra Tech Group gives its customers technical support in designing parts based on hands-on printer experience and an integrated print-to-machine approach through the 3D Metal Printing Competence Centre within Wilting. The 3D printed metal parts are mostly produced and finished at Eindhoven's specifically equipped print facility. A completely integrated quality assurance system for both printing and cutting-edge surface enhancement and particle removal technology is in place for repeat manufacturing.

Cleaning & Qualification (Kusters)

The requirement to clean parts and qualify cleanliness is expanding as the demand for clean mechanics for vacuum systems, medical and aerospace applications grows. Kusters Precision Parts has constructed and expanded the specialist knowledge and infrastructure required for this, closely collaborating with the cleaning capabilities already available in the individual companies. As a result, Andra Tech Group customers have access to a comprehensive spectrum of cleaning methods, including ultrasonic and alcohol-based cleaning in baths or spray washers. Furthermore, components cleanliness can be certified within the Competence Centre using, for example, Rest Gas Analyses and PMC measurements.