Acquisition Lucassen Groep BV

March 22, 2024

Andra Tech Group acquires Lucassen Groep BV in Sittard

Andra Tech Group has acquired 100% of the shares of Lucassen Groep BV, located in Sittard, the Netherlands, with effect from March 20th 2024. Lucassen employs around 50 people. Both parties have agreed that the substantive details of the acquisition will remain confidential. Daniël Gulikers will continue to serve as the Managing Director at Lucassen.

In recent years, Lucassen has specialized in the production of precision mechanical parts made from various materials that meet high purity requirements. Additionally, Lucassen provides (cleanroom) assembly services, including the necessary procurement of components. The 50 new colleagues from Lucassen serve clients in the Semicon, Analytical, and Optics sectors. Consequently, Lucassen not only brings valuable additional competencies to the group but also expands its reach into new customer segments and markets.

After the acquisition of Lucassen, Andra Tech Group consists of 9 companies in the Netherlands and Germany (next to Lucassen, DKH, HFI, Jatec, Lemmens, Kusters, Mayer, Visietech and Wilting) with a total of 11 production sites focusing on the manufacturing industry. The group specialises in producing high-quality precision mechanical parts and modules. The over 700 technical professionals employed by Andra Tech Group serve customers in various industries, including semicon, packaging, food, mobility, medical and aerospace. The group is known for its knowledge and expertise in processing (exotic) metals and plastics. The latest technologies are used - such as 3D printing - and a number of companies have state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities. Andra Tech Group produces parts for prototypes, small to medium-sized batches and large series.

In early 2021, investment company Equistone Partners Europe took a majority stake in Andra Tech Group. With the support of Equistone, Andra Tech Group's management has the opportunity to further grow and professionalise its business activities. After acquiring Mayer in Germany at the end of 2022, DKH at the beginning of 2023 and Lemmens at the of 2023, Andra Tech Group further expands its customer base and competences with this next acquisition. Lucassen and Andra Tech Group will work closely together to achieve further growth.

Adwin Kannekens, CCO Andra Tech Group: "We see that customers in high-tech sectors such as Semicon and Analytical are increasingly demanding more from our companies. Specialization and good communication with our customers are essential to meet these demands. Lucassen Group has demonstrated in recent years how this should be put into practice and will thus serve as a guide for other companies within the Andra Tech Group. On the other hand, with the access Lucassen now gains to the Andra Tech Group competence centers, they can better support their customers with feasibility challenges. We are very excited about this new collaboration."

Daniël Gulikers, managing director Lucassen Groep BV: "We see opportunities and have the ambition to significantly grow Lucassen Groep in the coming years. The support Andra Tech Group will provide helps our team further strengthen the organization and expand our capacity. This offers prospect not only to Lucassen's customers but also to our employees, as Andra Tech Group enhances our resilience. And that resilience is necessary to continue participating at the highest level in today's supply chains."