HFI is a global Tier 1 supplier since 1966. HFI specialises in efficient series production of high-quality precision turning parts that must meet high standards. Years of experience have accumulated vast knowledge in advanced and precise production techniques such as long-turning. HFI focuses on medium to large series of 100 to 10,000 pieces for demanding customers. HFI supplies renowned customers worldwide, operating in various industries such as high-tech, medical, semicon and automotive.

HFI in Groenlo employs more than 70 highly qualified technical people working on various turning technologies.

Examples of products:

  • The ultra-thin needle used by an eye surgeon during surgery.
  • Orbital-welded products that find their way into motorsport as shock absorber systems for World Rally Car cars and motor sports, among others.
  • Precision parts used in chip-production machines, optical laser instruments and scanners.
  • Parts for measuring and monitoring flow meters of gas and air.

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